Starting a home remodel can be a daunting task. You can help lessen the overwhelming feelings by planning ahead and doing your homework. Proper planning and research on the front end is the best blueprint for a successful home remodeling project.

So how do you get started?

Start with a plan. What do you want to accomplish? How much do you want to spend?  Gather ideas from magazines and sites like Pinterest and Houzz.  List your must-have features and what type of functionality you want the space to have.  Once you have your plan you can reach out to a contractor to start finalizing ideas.

What’s your budget?  How much are you comfortable spending on your renovation? Do you have the cash on hand or are you going to finance your renovation? Setting a clear budget can help keep your contractors accountable and it goes a long way toward ensuring you can enjoy your finished project without regret or having to make sacrifices down the line.

Involve a professional   Unless you are already a contractor, you’ll want to make sure you hire a licensed and insured professional.  Start by soliciting multiple bids to find someone who will give you the best value and be most in line with the needs of your renovation.

Get ready   Start by moving valuables and furniture out of the area to be renovated.  Create a clear path for contractors to move about in the project space.  Be prepared to function without the space for the duration of the renovation, possibly making alternative arrangements if the project involves a kitchen or bath.

If you’re thinking of renovating or already have a plan in hand, Mountain West Construction can bring your ideas to life. Give us a call to discuss your needs!