cummings cove

Cummings Cove in Hendersonville, NC

Cummings Cove is a gated community sheltered by the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina, bordered but he French Broad River.

Cummings Cove was home to James Cummings and his family for the last 20 years of his life. With the help of a farm manager, he raised cattle and lived in a comfortable house overlooking the river. A friend described him as “very down to earth and not one to show off his wealth.” Yet, his quiet generosity continues today through the James H. Cummings Foundation which has given away over $26 million to medical science, underprivileged boys and girls, the aged and infirm. Local beneficiaries include Pardee Hospital, Park Ridge Hospital, YMCA, Boys and Girls Club of Hendersonville, Four Seasons Hospice, Council on Aging and many others.

We have had the great pleasure to work in this gated mountain golf resort community. Making home owners very happy with their investment and mountain summer home in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The great escape for many entrepreneurs and golfers.