What’s Your Tile Type?

Tile has been used in homes for centuries, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s durable, easy to maintain and repair, and comes in a wide array of color and materials. You can install tile just about anywhere — from a kitchen backsplash to an outdoor walkway. If you’re planning to add tile to your home, consider these options:

  1. Ceramic is one of the most common and versatile types of tile. It’s easy to clean and install and resists mold, bacteria, and heat, making it a great choice for the kitchen.
  2. Porcelain tile can emulate stone, wood, or brick, but it costs less. It won’t freeze, crack, or fade, and is less porous than ceramic. It can also handle radiant in-floor heating, so it’s great for bathroom floors. Just keep in mind that it requires a diamond blade wet saw to cut it.
  3. Glass tile is perfect for accentuating an area. Try it as a “frame” around a mirror or install it in a walk-in shower. It is super stain resistant and will repel even red wine and lemon juice, so it’s also a nice choice for the kitchen.
  4. Cement tile is very versatile and won’t get slippery when wet — use it outdoors around a pool or on a garden path, or on your bathroom floor. You’ll pay a bit more for it than you would ceramic or porcelain, but you’ll be able to customize it to your specs, since each piece is made by hand.
  5. Marble is another higher cost tile, but adds a lot of luxury to a space. Install it as flooring, a countertop, or a backsplash for an instant upgrade. It’s incredibly resistant to pressure and can stand up under heavy traffic.
  6. Travertine, a natural stone, has a very elegant look, so it’s a good choice for any space you’d like to make “pop,” such as accent walls or a grand foyer. It’s nonslip and is easily cut and shaped, so you’ll have plenty of options to play with when it comes to the look you want.
  7. Metal is a fantastic tile for decorating. It’s durable, plays well with other types of tiles, has a modern look, and develops a lovely patina over time. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of color and design options. It’s also inexpensive. Try it on ceilings, as a backsplash, or in a walk-in shower.

No matter what type of tile you prefer, Mountain West Construction can install it. We can help you choose the right tile options for your space, from material to color to design. Call us today for a free, no obligation quote!