John and Becky Trochimowicz’s suburban Pennsylvania kitchen was divided from the family room and breakfast area by a peninsula so long and imposing, it functioned like a culinary Berlin Wall. When John was cooking, it was hard for anyone else to get in or out. “Everybody likes to hang out in the kitchen, but it wasn’t big enough for everything we wanted to do,” says Becky, a family physician.

Clearly, the peninsula had to go. At the same time, the Trochimowiczes wanted to replace the granite counters, which were nice but similar to what you’d find in a lot of suburban kitchens, and not quite as edgy as the couple would have liked. “I always thought concrete looked great,” recalls Becky. “But I couldn’t find it anywhere.” Even though her town of Malvern is only 23 miles from Philadelphia, neither her contractor nor her cabinetmaker knew anyone who fabricated concrete counters. “They kept trying to push quartz,” she says.

On a whim she went on Houzz and typed “concrete counters” into the search bar. That’s when she discovered Jayme Guokas.

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