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Making the trek up Mt Kilimanjaro

Nothing says dedication to a cause like hiking up one of the highest mountains in the world to raise money! That’s just what Sarah and Erich Leatham, of Mountain West construction in Hendersonville, NC are doing. Both longtime members of Rotary International, Sarah and Erich decided to take on the incredible task of hiking the highest mountain in Africa.

Sarah Leathem and Alison Alexander- both will hike Mt Kilimanjaro.

It all started with a friendship formed between Sarah and fellow Rotarian Alison Alexander. Amazingly, Sarah and Alison have only known each other for four months! They are both committed to the national cause of Rotary International, wiping out Polio.  They committed to raising $5000 individually and the amount they raised is being matched by the Gates Foundation.

Stay tuned for pictures of their amazing trip!


John and Becky Trochimowicz’s suburban Pennsylvania kitchen was divided from the family room and breakfast area by a peninsula so long and imposing, it functioned like a culinary Berlin Wall. When John was cooking, it was hard for anyone else to get in or out. “Everybody likes to hang out in the kitchen, but it wasn’t big enough for everything we wanted to do,” says Becky, a family physician.
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